Phone blocks – a new concept of mobile.

“Phone blocks” it’s amazing idea created by Dave Hakkens.

Such an amazing idea that many companies may not like it or deny to help it out.
This concept consists in transform smartphones into something more durable. A prototype that transforms these mobiles into something customized and can last long years.


Phone Blocks, would it be future of smartphones?

The idea is to make a mobile phone that gets divided into blocks. One block it’s for Wi-Fi network, another for camera, speakers and others. Since all that blocks are connected by an electric circuit, they can be changed at any moment.

So in this way Phone Blocks could offer to the users everything they want: Construct they’re mobile as the way they like it and customize it. Even better a mobile that if it has any errors or other issues in a block it can be fixed by putting a new one instead to put smartphone in thrash in case it doesn’t work anymore.

The video can show a more clearly idea of this concept. Saying that the user can select any parts of his mobile by marks and they’re favorite companies.

The organizers and developers of Phone blocks idea would be happy that people could share this project and that spread all over the world by saying that more people interested in this idea, more opportunities would appear to became it real.

But the market actually doesn’t believe this is such an interesting idea and unique. After all this entire model can represent a trap of sales to big corporations and companies of mobiles. Launch smartphones that last less and that construct new models every year it’s a strategy in market. And a model like this would represent less money a corporation will earn or profit from it.

After all it’s still a great idea which may us think how real it can be and how amazing would be to have one like this.

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